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c.Western studen▓ts are taught the values of acting indepen▓dent, thinking independent and working independent, so they can embark on their future careers with confidence. Such ideals have captured the hearts of many Chinese parents, who wish to to send their ch▓ildren to Western schools.Not so rosy ▓picture for schools in the WestNevertheles

s, Chinese parents, growing frustrated with the rigid educa▓tion system in their native country, have gotten too eager to send their children abroad without recognizing major societal ills elsewhere in the world.Western schools do have some advantages, ▓since students can be more creative. But, parents should understand that in countries, such as the ▓United States,

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the Land of the Free is al▓so the Land of Debauchery.Western students have been taught to hold high self-esteem, but many kids▓ have gotten more prone to bullying, engaging

in sexually promiscuous behavior or do illicit drugs, which include elementary school students at the inner-cit▓ies of Ame

rica.Many teacher are afraid to disc▓ipline students for fear that money-hungry lawyers suing and school boards firing them. US President Barack Obama also mandated tha▓t all public schools must allow boys, who claim to be gender-confused, to enter the ▓girls bathroo

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ms, showers and locker rooms.Should Chinese parents believe their children are safe in Western schools?China's education system struggles with its own problemsMany Chinese parents have witnessed the tragic flaws of their nation's education system, and are wi

lling to risk their c▓hild's safety and morality to send them abroad. Yes, Chinese students are hig▓h achievers, scoring high marks, compared▓ with

students from the rest of the world.But, the ▓environment is much too competitive. Pare▓nts place stress on their kids, expecting them to get l

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es▓s sleep to do more homework to improve their tes▓t scores. Young students are shamed into per▓forming well i

n school or risk ostra▓cism from their family, friends and▓ local community.It's a similar pattern of behavior in Sout

h Korea and Japan, where teenager suicide rates rank the highest in the world. The Exam-based education system in Asia will continue

on, although many students may fall through the cracks, because not all children have books smarts, while s

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ome others may wish to st▓udy subjects that allow them to use their hands or they are▓ creative, but are overly-sensitive.Finding the right solu▓tion for a study-life balanceParents, such as myself, wh▓o are raising

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